Onsite Services

Smartplay offers a wide range of onsite services including, but not limited to:

Installation & Training


We have technicians available to install your new equipment, wherever you are on the globe. Our knowledgeable staff is available for onsite training on your new or existing equipment.

Equipment Relocation

Equipment Relocation

Let us relocate your precious draw equipment: tear down, shipping, and reinstallation.

Complete Draw Services

Wheatie picking balls

We offer complete draw services including machine rental, setup, and running the equipment. No training needed!


Tom and Dave Consulting like pros

Our management team has a wealth of knowledge with over 200 combined years of lottery experience. We have maintained or installed equipment in more than 100 lottery locations. We can advise on machine selection, storage, studio setup, security and operational procedures. We can guide you towards machines that best suit your needs and explain the intricacies of each model’s specifications, and the benefits of various options tailored precisely to your needs. Or we can help bring your own lottery’s ideas to reality.

Alcohol and Gaming Commisssion of Ontario World Lottery Association Member ROHS Compliance / Compliant ISO 9001:2008

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