Digital Ball Validating System

Drawing Ball Validation System

The Drawing Ball Validation System (DBVS) is designed to allow Lottery Staff and Auditors to easily verify a set of balls against a recorded weight set as valid. The system is designed to work with RFID enabled SmartBalls or traditional Non-RFID drawing balls. When used with RFID-enabled SmartBalls, the DBVS automatically identifies the ball number and stored security code. The computer controlled scale accurately records the weights of the balls and reduces the opportunity of human error. The DBVS stores all verified sets electronically as well as creating and storing all reports as PDF documents. Reports can also be printed directly from the DBVS. DBVS is provided as a complete standalone appliance along with a computer controlled digital scale.

Software Features:

  • Easy to use Graphical User interface guides users through the process of verifying drawing balls.
  • Reports are automatically generated and stored as PDF documents.
  • Verification data is stored as comma separated values (.CSV files) and can easily be imported into Microsoft Excel.
  • The System automatically tares the computer controlled scale, to reduce the chance of human error.
  • Full Audit trail of BallSet verification electronically recorded.
  • All .PDF and .CSV files can be easily exported to a USB flash drive with a single click.
  • System access is controlled by two user logins and passwords.

System Features:

  • Computer Controlled Digital Scale is accurate to .001(g)
  • Weights balls up to 200(g).
  • Weights any size ball up to 100mm.
  • Integrated Draft Shield for increased accuracy.
  • Front facing USB port for exporting data to USB flash drive.
  • RFID antenna is integrated into the Scale.
  • Connects to a standard VGA monitor.
  • Connects to many PostScript printers to allow printing reports directly from the DBVS.

Standard Systemincludes:

  • DBVS appliance
  • Standard 17in LCD monitor
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Digital Scale w/integrated RFID antenna
  • Region Specific Power Supply

Optional Features:

  • Customized Validation Reports
  • Customized Ball Set Reports
  • Large Format Display
  • Report Printer

Electrical Specifications:

  • Available in 110/120V 60Hz or 220/240V 50Hz.

Physical Specifications:

  • Appliance Footprint (Width x Depth) 10in x 8in
  • Scale Footprint (Width x Depth) 7.5in x 11in


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