Origin®Digital Draw System

Origin<small>®</small> Digital Draw System

The Origin® Digital Draw System provides drawing results using our advanced Random Number Server.

Standard Features

  • Runs standard pick style games (Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 10).
  • Capable of raffle drawings with populations of up to 999,999,999.
  • Creates Draw reports in .pdf format.
  • Creates Draw Results files in .csv format.
  • System is provided as a secure appliance running our own secured Linux OS.
  • Generates exportable log files providing an audit trail on all drawings which take place on the system.
  • Provides Dual Login functionality, increasing the auditability and traceability of drawings.
  • Utilizes white noise generators along with advanced cryptographic algorithms to generate certifiably random results.
  • The Random Number Server is securely housed inside the Origin® Digital Draw System, access to the RNS is tamper evident via a serialized seal.

Optional Features

  • Expandable, add any of the custom features below now, or later.
  • Custom Reports Creation Available, we can match your forms.
  • Generate custom 3D animations based on drawing results.
  • Generate exportable movie files based on your custom 3D animation for use on your Website.
  • Generate 2D Graphics displaying game results.
  • Generate Keno / Bingo Results (Pick 75, Pick 90, Pick 80).
  • Securely stream custom animations to multiple remote Origin® Video Servers.
  • External Digital Video Recorder.

Overall Specifications

  • Cabinet Height 64in / 162cm
  • Cabinet Width 22in / 55cm
  • Cabinet Depth 27in / 68cm
Alcohol and Gaming Commisssion of Ontario World Lottery Association Member ROHS Compliance / Compliant ISO 9001:2008

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