Super Bingo

Super Bingo

The Super Bingo draw machine is suitable for many game matrices. It is available in Automatic and interactive operating modes. For the automatic model all functions are controlled by a microprocessor which allows all drawing parameters to be easily adjusted. These include the duration of the mixing time, the number of balls selected and the time interval between each selection. The ability to select every ball and recycle the balls without touching them for the next drawing is a unique feature.

Operational Features:

  • Available in interactive or automatic operation.
  • Microprocessor enables adaptation to individual requirements/game formulas:
    • Mixing duration
    • Number of balls selected
    • Timed interval between selected balls

Mixing Chamber:

  • Constructed of clear acrylic, entirely transparent.
  • Ball preview tubes at rear of chamber hold eighty-six (86) or ninety (90) balls.
  • Hatch door permits easy access for maintenance and ball removal.
  • Selects every ball.

Base Cabinet:

  • Constructed of 3/4in (19mm) cabinet grade plywood. A high pressure laminate is applied to surfaces.
  • Lockable access door at the rear of cabinet.
  • Lockable swivel casters to prevent rolling and swiveling.

Electrical Specifications

  • Available in 110-120v 60Hz, or 220-240v 50Hz electrical power.
  • 3.5 Amps at 230v
  • CE compliant
  • Certified by TÜV Laboratories.

Overall Specifications

  • Unit Overall Height 64in / 162cm
  • Cabinet Width 45in / 114cm
  • Cabinet Depth 24in / 61cm
  • Mixing Chamber Diameter 14in / 36cm
  • Mixing Chamber Height 35in / 89cm
  • Game Ball Diameter 1.5in / 38mm
  • Ball Preview Rack Capacity 86 balls
  • Total Unit Weight 230lb/ 106kg


World Lottery Association Member ROHS Compliance / Compliant Alcohol and Gaming Commisssion of Ontario

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