With many businesses in the USA closed temporarily due to COVID-19, our office remains in operation.

In some cases, availability of resources such as raw materials, shipping capability, and changing guidelines in various countries are impacting timelines, but we continue to work diligently to meet delivery dates. Our technical and support teams are also available 24/7 should you need assistance.

The global leader in lottery machine manufacturing & digital lottery drawing systems

Smartplay International preserves drawing integrity for lottery and gaming organizations in 85 countries. We design and manufacture the most advanced traditional and digital drawing systems available, with more than 3,000 lottery systems deployed worldwide since 1993. We serve traditional lotteries, igaming, and casinos as well as organizations running lottery-style promotions and events.

Digital Drawing Systems

Lotteries are increasingly enhancing their mechanical draw schedule with RNG-based lottery draws. The Origin System is crytographically strong, physically secure and easy to operate. >

Traditional Lottery Drawing Systems

Your reputation rests on dependable performance. Smartplay lottery, keno, and bingo draw machines combine precision craftsmanship with the latest automation technologies to deliver reliable operation for the most challenging environments and high-volume play conditions.

Wheels & Custom Products

Looking for something more than traditional draw machines? Smartplay has created custom gaming products and promotional devices for clients worldwide. We can work from your design or develop a concept to fit your space, game objectives and budget.