The global leader in lottery machine manufacturing & digital lottery drawing systems

Smartplay International preserves drawing integrity for lottery and gaming organizations in 85 countries. We design and manufacture the most advanced traditional and digital drawing systems available, with more than 3,000 lottery systems deployed worldwide since 1993. We serve traditional lotteries, igaming, and casinos as well as organizations running lottery-style promotions and events.

Digital Drawing Systems

Smartplay’s Origin System is the chosen DDS by most North American lotteries.

Lottery Drawing Machines

Smartplay lottery machines are used by over two-thirds of all lotteries worldwide.

Custom Game Fabrication

Let’s create a unique game design that engages players and generates more revenue. 


Hyper-Realistic Lottery Draw Animations

Computer-generated content can differentiate your draw and provide new ways to stand out from competitors. Take your draws to the next level with hyper-realistic digital animation. Our design team can create content that meets your system requirements, engages more players and generates more revenue.