Real-time winning number identification and remote draw machine control

Get the best of both worlds. Smartplay’s Solution System™ fuses the excitement of the traditional draw with automation and efficiency of a digital draw. Solution System is a secure software appliance that integrates with any Smartplay lottery machine.

  • Connect multiple machines to one Solution System™ appliance
  • Capture the details of every draw event including ball values. Makes draw reports easy
  • Automate the drawing process without losing the iconic live ball drawing event
  • Generate draw reports and export drawing data to a USB drive
  • Carries FCC and CE approval and conforms to R&TTE Directive 99/5/EC

Standard Features

  • A self-contained secure appliance, running on our own secure Linux OS
  • Dual Login functionality which increases the audit-ability and traceability of drawings
  • Connects to any SmartController enabled draw machine
  • Real-time view of machine stats including the current thumbwheel settings
  • Interactive, Semi-Automatic, Automatic and Continuous game play modes
  • Creates drawing reports in PDF and CSV formats
  • Generates exportable log files creating an audit trail on all drawings conducted on the system

Add Custom Features at Any Time:

  • Custom-designed reports that match your forms
  • Custom 3-D animations based on drawing results
  • Store draw data directly into a Postgres SQL server
  • Export custom animations to optional Origin Portal for upload to Youtube, Facebook, FTP, or our Video Servers which will automatically play the animation at a remote location
  • Configurable password strength, expiration, and previous password memory
  • Configurable password protection for every part of the solution software at all times