Add the Thrill of the Draw To Your Next Event!

Generate more traffic and engage visitors with the excitement of a live draw. 

The lottery is a multi-trillion dollar global pastime for a reason. Everyone loves the chance to win big! Generate excitement at your next event by renting a lottery or bingo machine. Lottery machine rental is available for weekly or monthly rental and can be shipped worldwide.

  • Ships ready for use. Just roll out of the crate and plug into any standard outlet
  • Wrap the base with custom graphics
  • Numbered lottery balls are provided, or order with custom fonts and even your logo–
  • Casino Promotions and Events

  • Charity Auctions and Fundraisers

  • Tradeshow Promotions

  • Automotive Marketing

  • Retail and Mall promotions

  • Online Promotions

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Lottery Machine Rentals Available for Weekly and Monthly Time Periods. 

Casino Pick Lottery Machine

A versatile machine with a small footprint (only 24″ in diameter). Mix up to 60 balls and draw one to six balls. The number of balls drawn is easily adjustable. Draw manually with the push of a button or set it for automatic operation. More about the Casino Pick.

Standard Daily Single Digit Machine

  • Manual push button or remote control operation
  • Single chamber displays and mixes up to 10 balls
  • Displays one winning ball at a time
  • Designed for 38mm table tennis balls
  • More about the Standard Daily

Jupiter – Keno Machine

The Jupiter can mix up to 90 balls and display up to 20 (10 on each side). Draw balls manually or set up for automatic operation. More about the Jupiter.

Halogen II Lottery Draw Machine

  • Perfect for lotto games
  • Automatic operation
  • Designed for 50mm foam balls
  • Can preview 55 balls
  • Can select up to 20 winning numbers
  • More about the Halogen

MultiPick 4 Single Digit

  • Mixes 10 balls per chamber
  • 30mm Table Tennis balls
  • Manual operation

MultiPick 3 Single Digit

This unit mixes 10 balls per chamber and displays 3 balls.

More about the MultiPick