Unique Drawing Presentation with Dramatic Lighting Effects

The Halogen lottery machine has become a standard for traditional lotteries Worldwide. All functions are controlled by a microprocessor to easily adjust drawing parameters. These include mixing time duration, the number of balls selected and the time interval between each selection. The custom-printed lottery balls are available in a variety of colors. The Halogen II is available with Smartplay’s Solution System automatic number recognition.

  • Mix Type: Mechanical
  • Ball Mix Capacity: 90 Foam Balls, ball size – 50mm diameter
  • Ball Rack Display: Up to 50 Balls (can be adjusted based on requirements)
  • Ball Draw Display: Up to 10 balls on each side
  • Automation: Manual or automated draws. RFID ready. Solution System enabled
  • Customization: Customize any aspect of this machine to meet your design and game objectives