Mechanical Mix Lottery Machine With High-Visibility Paddle Action

The mix paddles on the Magnum rotate horizontally, toward the viewing audience, which makes for a highly-visible mixing action. This robust lottery drawing machine utilizes solid rubber or SmartBalls. Functions are controlled by a microprocessor for easy adjustment to the drawing parameters. These include the duration of the mixing time, the number of balls selected and the time interval between each selection. One set of rotating mixing arms tumble the balls in the mixing chamber. Custom printed balls are available in a variety of vivid colors. The Magnum is available with automatic number recognition.

  • Mix Type: Mechanical Mix
  • Capacity: Mixes up to 56 Balls
  • Draw Display: Up to 8 Balls
  • Automation: Manual or automated draws. RFID ready.
  • Balls: Solid Rubber or Foam Smartballs