• Great for promotional use
  • Adjust from 1 to 6 balls
  • Can be automated for continuous play
  • Add a camera for streaming broadcast

This unit is available for rental

A versatile, cost-effective lottery machine that draws one to six balls at a time, mixing up to 60 balls.

The number of balls displayed in the tube is controlled by the size of the tube, which can be adjusted. This means you can run a single digit game, and adjust the tube to run a multi-digit game, up to six balls. Casino Pick is perfect for promotional use. This unit can be set up for continuous play.

Includes an 18” diameter acrylic dome mixing chamber. The drawing balls are accessed by removing the top draw/display tube. The chamber includes tamper-evident seals for added security. Controls are located on the top of the base cabinet in a recessed panel. The metal shroud comes in silver and blue, but can be customized with vinyl graphics. Add optional edge lighting or a rectangular logo sign above the mixing chamber.

  • Mix Type: Air mix
  • Mix/Display Capacity: up to 60 balls
  • Winning Balls Display Capacity: up to six balls
  • Play Control: Manual control and automated control.

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