Available with any number of chambers, Multi-Pick is an efficient, versatile and compact drawing machine for 3D, 4D, Joker or Bonus number games.

Winning numbers can be quickly returned to the chamber without handling, and may be drawn individually or simultaneously. The fast mix and selection action allows for games with numerous selections to be done quickly and efficiently. For the automatic model all functions are controlled by a microprocessor which allows all drawing parameters to be easily adjusted. These include the duration of the mixing time and the time interval between each selection. The Multi Pick is available with any number of chambers with each chamber holding 10 balls.

Continuous play and cameras can be added

  • Mix Type: Air Mix
  • Number of Chambers: Flexible
  • Mix/Display Capacity: 10 Balls Per Chamber
  • Winning Balls Display Capacity: 1 Ball Per Chamber
  • Play Control: Automatic and Continuous Play
  • RFID and Camera Ready

Operational Features

  • Available in interactive or automatic operation.
  • Microprocessor enables adaptation to individual requirements/game formulas:
    • Mixing duration
    • Number of balls selected
    • Timed interval between selected balls

Mixing Chamber

  • Constructed of clear acrylic for complete transparency
  • Hatch door permits easy access for maintenance and ball removal
  • Ball preview rack tubes at front of chamber hold ten (10) balls per chamber
  • Rear side of chamber can be tinted to contrast the mixing balls

Base Cabinet

  • Constructed of 3/4in (19mm) plywood, covered with high-pressure laminate
  • Lockable access door at the rear of cabinet
  • Lockable swivel casters.

Electrical Specifications

  • Available in 110-120v 60Hz, or 220-240v 50Hz electrical power
  • 3.5 Amps at 240v
  • CE compliant

Overall Specifications

  • Unit Overall Height – 59in / 160cm
  • Cabinet Width varies depending on the number of chambers
  • Cabinet Depth – 24in / 61cm
  • Mixing Chamber Width – i9in per chamber
  • Mixing Chamber Depth – 12in / 30cm
  • Game Ball Diameter – 1.5in / 38mm
  • Ball Preview Rack Capacity – 10 per chamber
  • Winning Ball Capacity – 1 per chamber
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