Improve credibility and customer trust. Show players a strict methodology for managing game randomness.

Weigh your lottery balls any time and display ball weights. The Drawing Ball Validation System is a fast and highly accurate scale and measurement system for any lottery drawing balls.

The primary factor in the randomness of your lottery draw is the weight of the balls. The DBVS is a tool to weigh the balls and print a report showing the tight specifications maintained for the drawing balls. Our clients often display the ball weight reports on their website so players can see that the lottery maintains a tight weight specification.

DBVS is a complete standalone appliance that includes a monitor and computer-controlled digital scale. You can verify ball weights, store all data in the system for future retrieval, and print ball weight reports in PDF format.

The Drawing Ball Validation System (DBVS) allows Lottery Staff and Auditors to easily verify a set of balls against a valid recorded weight. DBVS is compatible with our SmartBall technology and automatically identifies the ball number and security code when captured. When required, a micrometer can be used to measure the dimensions of each ball along with the ball weight and RFID data. All captured data is included on PDF draw reports.

System Features

  • User Friendly Interface
  • Computer Controlled Digital Scale (.001g accuracy)
  • Controlled Digital Micrometer (.01mm accuracy)
  • Weighs Balls Up To 200(g)
  • Weighs Balls Up To 100mm
  • Computer Measure Ball Dimensions Up To 55mm
  • Custom ball type editor (input any ball type)
  • Plastic Shield to prevent wind drafts from impacting results
  • Front-Facing USB Port to export draw results
  • Low-Frequency RFID Reader with Antenna
  • HDMI
  • Report Outputs in .PDF, .CSV, and .XML Formats
  • Report Printing (Inquire for compatible printers)
  • Updates via Network or USB

Standard System includes

  • DBVS Appliance
  • 21″ 1080pLCD Monitor
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Digital Scale with Integrated RFID Antenna
  • Multi-Region (100-240v 50/60hz)Power Supply

Optional Features

  • Custom Reporting
  • Printer
  • Micrometer
  • High Frequency RFID Reader

Physical Specifications

  • Appliance Footprint (Width x Depth) 10in x 8in
  • Scale Footprint (Width x Depth)             5in x 11in
  • Micrometer Footprint (Width x Depth x Height) 25in x 7in x 12in
  • Micrometer Weight                                10lb

Sample Screens from DBVS

Sample Ball Validation Report (Click Image)