Drawing machine automation is essential to many operations. Smartplay’s Solution System allows you to automate your draw events and control your machines from any web browser. 

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Solution Controller is an embedded control system placed inside the lottery machine that allows for remote operation and data transfer. 

SmartController is connected to sensors on the machine and collects the ball values and data on all aspects of the draw. Solution Controller connects to your software systems externally via ethernet. While machines can always be controlled manually using a button control panel, the Controller allows you to control the machine using one of these three options:

The Solution Workstation is used primarily by traditional lotteries running daily or weekly draws. It allows you to schedule games for one or many machines, store draw results in a local database, and generate draw reports. 

  • Capture the details of every lottery draw event including ball values
  • Generate draw reports and export drawing data to a USB drive
  • Carries FCC and CE approval and conforms to R&TTE Directive 99/5/EC

The Solution Connect Server enables you to control any number of draw machines from any web browser. The server can be located anywhere as long as your machines and the server have a reliable web connection. You can configure games to run automatically, or initiate games manually via the web interface. All game play data and draw results are recorded in a PostgreSQL database and notifications of events are sent via email.

  • Connects to Solution Controller-enabled draw machines
  • Runs games on a schedule accurate to the second
  • Records results into SQL databases (multiple possible for redundancy)
  • Sends email notifications of critical events as well as reports
  • Synchronizes time with NTP (network time protocol)
  • May run monitor/control multiple machines on the single server
  • Configure via a web browser