Solution™ System Lottery Drawing Management Software

Solution System™ fuses the excitement of the traditional lottery draw with automation and efficiency of a digital lottery draw. Solution System is a secure software appliance that integrates with any Smartplay lottery machine.

  • Connect multiple lottery machines to one Solution System™ appliance
  • Capture the details of every lottery draw event including ball values. Makes draw reports easy
  • Automate the drawing process without losing the iconic live ball drawing event
  • Generate draw reports and export drawing data to a USB drive
  • Carries FCC and CE approval and conforms to R&TTE Directive 99/5/EC

SmartSQL Connect Server

The SmartSQL Connect Server system is a rack-mountable server appliance that monitors and/or controls Smartplay draw machines equipped with a SmartController. SmartSQL is designed to be a “headless” system, running 24/7, automatically running games according to a schedule. All gameplay data and draw results are recorded in a PostgreSQL database and notifications of events sent via email.

  • Connects to smartController-enabled draw machines
  • Runs games per a schedule accurate to the second
  • Records results into SQL databases (multiple possible for redundancy)
  • Sends email notifications of critical events as well as reports
  • Synchronizes time with NTP (network time protocol)
  • May run monitor/control multiple machines on the single server
  • Configure via a web browser