Leidsa – Dominican Republic

Leidsa’s lottery draw utilizes custom Emerald machines with draw chambers that hold 100 balls.

Tirage Lottery – Cameroon

This Double Phoenix II has two chambers on the same base. The larger chamber holds 49 balls and the smaller bonus ball draw holds 10 balls.

Hoosier Lottery – Indiana, USA

The same group of Neptune single digit machines are used for both of their evening games. Using the same machines for multiple games saves money and games can be pre-programmed to run automatically.

Stoloto – Russia

These double-chamber Jupiter Lotto systems include a recycling feature that deposits the balls into the ball rack, in order, after each draw. This makes it easier for the player to see that all balls are present for the next draw.

Lottotech – Mauritius

A Halogen machine is used for the lotto draw, with a single digit Revolution for the bonus.

Mass Lottery – USA

This four-chamber Mercury unit selects balls very quickly and is often used for high-frequency games. Any number of chambers can be added, from one to eight or more.