An Easy-To-Deploy, Added Level of Verification For Your Lottery Drawing

Audit live drawing reports at any time and on any web-enabled device. On live draw reports, the Origin calculates and prints a QR code next to each game. Captured in this encrypted image will be:

  • Origin identification number for the system on which the game was played;
  • The user and auditor who created the result
  • Time and date of drawing
  • Game name & game matrix
  • Final game results
  • The last eight characters of both the RNS and UI checksums; and
  • Validation key

Auditors can use the application on a tablet to scan the QR code. The application interprets the data to verify and validate the results of each game. This validation can occur immediately after a drawing or twenty years from now!

Using a proprietary algorithm, SmartAudit calculates a validation key derived from the scanned information. If that key matches the validation key — also embedded in the QR code — it proves that the preceding information was generated from the Origin and that the drawing is valid. In the event the keys do NOT match, the application immediately warns the auditor but still displays the information decoded from the QR image.