Professional, game-show style wheel used by lotteries worldwide

The Precision Prize Wheel is an aluminum prize wheel made with one hundred (100) prize segments (the number of segments can be customized). With a wide range of colors to choose from, the segments are bright and appealing. As an option, we add a bouncing rubber ball behind an acrylic faceplate. The prize amount is determined when the ball comes to rest on a given segment. Also optional is a series of three (3) revolution lights to lend validity to your lottery event. With the third revolution, a green light is activated to indicate a complete and official play. The center logo panel remains stationary as the wheel rotates.

  • Constructed of 3/8″ aluminum
  • Each segment identification plate is made of acrylic and printed with your prize amount. Segments are easily removed should prizes change
  • A leather clicker indicates the winning prize. If the optional ball is used, the clicker is still used, only it is not visible
  • There is an adjustable “drag” mechanism to control the spin duration